Observing that Pakistan has started taking some steps aimed towards bringing to justice the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks, India said Islamabad needs to do more in achieving the goal and take "credible steps" to dismantle terror infrastructure there. Indian Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon, who discussed the progress in the probe into Mumbai strikes with senior US diplomats and officials on Thursday, said India will give more material to Pakistan on the 26\\11 attacks as asked by it. "From our point of view there are two clear goals that we work to and hope that our friends would work to as well," Menon told reporters, wrapping up his four-day visit. One is bringing the perpetrators to justice and secondly India would like to see credible action by Islamabad to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism in Pakistan, he said. "Pakistan has started an investigation, it has taken some actions. It has told us about that, and has also asked us some questions, to which we would be giving them reply and give them more material, now that the charge sheet have been filed," he said. "It's a positive development. But there is much more to go. We hope that they would continue to do the right thing and see through to the end to bring the perpetrators to justice and to take credible steps to dismantle infrastructure of terrorism," the Foreign Secretary said. In response to a question, Mr. Menon said Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) also came up during his discussions with US officials. "It is one of the group, which presents a threat not just to us, but to the entire globe," he said. During his meetings with US officials and Congressional leaders, Mr. Menon said, he thanked the administration for the operational level cooperation the two countries had in the wake of the Mumbai strikes. "We have worked with the US after the Mumbai attacks, on the counter-terrorism front and on trying to bring the perpetrators to justice," Mr. Menon said. "Counter-terrorism is one of the issues, which has consistently been on our agenda with the US -- what we each could do individually; what we could do together and what we would like the international community to do. We did discuss it in considerable detail," Mr. Menon said.