LAHORE-Former foreign minister and deputy chairman Planning Division, Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali on Wednesday ruled out the possibility of army intervention under the current circumstances, saying that situation was not favourable for such an adventure on the part of any third force "Neither there was any danger of third force intervention at the moment, nor will we allow this to happen", he said in response to a question while addressing a news conference at 8-Club Road here. Sardar Aseff said that circumstances had not gone to such an extent to provide an opportunity to any third force (army) to intervene in country's political affairs. He was confident that PPP Government was in a position to ward off third force if it attempted to subvert current political dispensation, though he believed that there was no possibility of such an intervention at the moment. Talking about current political situation in the country, the PPP leader said that Government will forcibly stop long march as the same was meant to de-rail democracy from its track. He said Pakistan was standing at cross roads with regard to its internal and external security, and country could not afford negative activities like long marches and sit-in under the circumstances. Sardar Aseff said that it had been decided that Government would not arrest any Senator, MNA, MPA and main leadership of the protesting parties despite imposition of section 144 in the province. He said only party workers and lawyers would be arrested to prevent the long march. He said despite imposition of setion-144 in Punjab, all political parties were free to hold public meetings. He said not more then 250 people have been arrested so far from Punjab ahead of long march, but many more could be detained if they tried to violate section-144. Replying to a question, he said that assembly session couldn't be summoned in the absence of Leader of the House. Only Governor can convene the session after he was satisfied that some party had majority in the assembly. Responding to another question, he said that Governor's Rule in Punjab could be extended for further six months after approval of parliament if Governor takes more time in ascertaining as to which party had the support of majority of members. The former foreign minister criticised Mian Nawaz Sharif for what he called his decision to indulge in politics of agitation. He lamented that despite various reconciliatory moves on the part of PPP, Nawaz Sharif adopted the path of confrontation for his personal interests. "He (Nawaz) used derogatory language against President Zardari, challenged Government's writ by raising flag of rebellion and announced civil disobedience, a style of protest which was only the hallmark of Pakistan Movement", he observed. To a question, he said time for reconciliation with PML-N was over now. Earlier, Sardar Aseff held a meeting at 8-Club Road, which was attended by party legislators and office bearers from Kasur. He assigned them different tasks to fail the long march.