Any political reconciliation with elements of the Afghan insurgency must be under terms set by the Kabul government, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on. In an interview with US television, Gates said that most insurgencies eventually are resolved through a political settlement. "I think almost all insurgencies in the end game involve political reconciliation. The issue is it needs to be on the terms of the government of Afghanistan," he said. Gates said there were some fanatical members of the Taliban that had no interest in reconciliation. "There are elements of the Taliban that are absolutely irreconcilable and frankly will have to be killed. "But there may be other elements that are willing to and maybe a majority who do it because it's a job because they get paid, there may be some who do it for other reasons but I think there is the potential for reconciliation," Gates said. He added that there were signs "a fair number of the Taliban are not committed extremists so they may be able to be wooed away."