It was shocking to hear the chairperson of US Senate's subcommittee on intelligence say that the drones that are daily violating and bombing Pakistani territory are actually operating from bases inside Pakistan. Even more galling is to know that our government had been hiding this fact all along. No wonder the credibility of this government has gone down to zero. Every time these drones drop bombs, the news is twisted to say, "so many terrorists have been killed". But how do the Americans assume that these really were terrorists? Have the dead bodies been ever collected and identified or the 'terrorist acts' claimed to be committed by them ever proved? By killing such a large number of innocents and naming them as terrorists, America has taken the mantle of being the accuser-judge-executioner, all in one, itself. As everybody knows, those killed often include innocent men, women and children. Sometimes, even marriage parties are not spared. Actually it is the Americans who are guilty of being the terrorists. Our government is their accomplice in crime. This is not a 'war on terror' but a 'war of terror' that is being waged mercilessly by America and its stooges against the Muslims all over the world. Shame is that we are bending backwards all the time to please America. -DR ZAHEER ASGHAR KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, February 16.