LAHORE - Wapda won the 18th National Men and 5th Women Karate Championships that concluded at Hyderabad the other day while Balochistan clinched the junior karate title. Wapda men team won eight gold and two silver medals and with 200 points to become the champions. NWFP won one silver and three bronze medals and with 55 points stood second while Punjab won one gold, one silver and three bronze medals and with 50 points secured third position. In women championship, Wapda ladies won five gold, one silver and two bronze medals and with 155 points won the women championship. Balochistan won three silver and one bronze medal and with 75 points stood second while Police won one gold, two silver and four bronze medals and with 60 points secured third position. In junior event, Balochistan won two gold and one silver and with 40 points won the National Junior Championship. Wapda won one gold, one silver and one bronze medal and with 30 points stood second while NWFP won one silver medal and with 10 points secured third position. The championships was held at Hyderabad Club Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad. Teams from all the affiliated units of Pakistan Karate Federation including Wapda, Railways, Police, Punjab, NWFP, Balochitan, Sindh, Islamabad and FATA participated. In individual kata, Ghulam Ali of Wapda won gold medal. Muhammad Ramzan and Shaukat Ali won two gold medals in their respective weight categories and team kumite event. Saadi Abbas, Munir Ahmed, Hadayat Ullah of Wapda also won gold medals in their respective weight categories. Adil Jan of Punjab and Majid Khan of Balochistan won gold medals in their respective weight categories. In women championship, Wapda players played brilliantly. Kulsoom Hazara won three gold medals in team kata, team kumite event and in her respective weight categories. Binish Akber of Wapda, lqra Zafar of Punjab, Kamraz of Police and Moniza of Sindh also won gold medals in their respective weight categories. Kanwar Naveed Jamil, District Nazim Hyderabad was the chief guest of the championships and distributed trophies, medals and shields to the winning teams, players and technical officials. Kanwar Naveed Jamil also announced to provide training hall and karate mat to Hyderabad District Karate Association. Results (Senior) (gold, silver and two bronze) Below 50 Kgs: Munir Ahmed, Wapda, Fakhar Zaman, Balochistan, Abdul Rahim, Sindh, Muhammad Rafiq, FATA Below 60 Kgs: Saadi Abbas, Wapda, Abdul Rehman, Police, Mohsin Ali, Sindh, Muhammad Abbas, Railways Below 75 Kgs: Shaukat Ali, Wapda, Muhammad Amjad, Railways, Malik Usman, NWFP, Mehmood, Punjab Above 84 Kgs: Maid Khan, Balochistan, Fazal Hussain, Wapda, Azam Karamat, Punjab, Raza, Police Below 55 Kgs: Hadayat Ullah, Wapda, Rashid, Islamabad, Ahmed Ali Rehmani, Balochistan, Kaleem Mesieh, Police Below 67 Kgs: Muhammad Ramzan, Wapda, Imtiaz Ali, Islamabad+Baz Muhammad, NWFP, Hamid Bakhtiar, Sindh Below 84 Kgs: Adil Jan, Punjab, Ain ud Din, Wapda, Aqeel Ahmed, Police, Mirza Arsalan Baig, Railways, Individual Kata Ghulam Ali, Wapda, Muhammad Naeem, Punjab, Sher Ali, Police, Abdul Rahim, Sindh Team Kata: Israr uI Haq, Noor Ullah, Khalid Noor, Wapda. Baz Muhammad Hasib Ahmed, Abdullah, NWFP. Ghulam Raza, Kaleem Haider, Ali Waqas, Sindh. Aqeel Ahmed, Kashif Ali, Sher Ali, Police Team Kumite: Agha Muhammad, Muhammad Ramzan, Shaukat Ali, Ain us Din, Wapda. Muhammad Amjad, Mirza Aesalan Baig , Kamran Hussain, Malik Tairq, Railways. Baz Muhammad, Usman Malik, Kamran, Jamal Khan, NWFP. Kashif Aslam, Zahid Mehmood, Azam Karamat, Adeel Afzal, Punjab. Team Position (Seniors) S. No. Unit G S B Pts 1. Wapda 8 2 200 2. NWPF 1 3 55 3. Punjab 1 1 3 50 4.' Railways 2 2 50 5. Police 1 5 45 6. Sindh 5 35 7. Balochistan 1 1 1 30 8. Islamabad 2 25 8. FATA 1 5 Junior 50 Kgs: Naseer Ahmed, Balochistan, Murad Khan, NWFP, Muhammad Sharif, Wapda, Sailab Khan, Police 60 Kgs: Mustafa, Balochistan, Humayun, Wapda, Awais Taj, Punjab, Abdul Salam Barohi, Sindh Individual Kata: Syed Ali Asghar, Wapda, Nazeer Ahmed, Balochistan, Mohsin Karamat, Punjab, Omer Sheikh, Police Team Position (Juniors) S.N. Unit G S B Pts 1. Balochistan 2 1 40 2. Wapda 1 1 1 30 3. NWFP 1 10 4. Punjab 2 10 5. Police 2 10 6. Sindh 1 5 7. Railways 0 8. Islamabad 0 Women karate results 45 Kgs: Moniza, Sindh, Naila Farshad, Police, Gulnaz, Islamabad, Yasmin Kausar, Wapda 55 Kgs: Binish Akber, Wapda, Kanwal Naseer, Punjab, Sundas Salam, Sindh, Beena Masoom Ali, Police Above 61 Kgs: Kulsoom Hazara, Wapda, Madiha Farshad, Police, Naz Gul, Balochistan, Maria, Punjab 50 Kgs: lqra Zafar, Punjab, Shahida Sahani, Balochistan, Arifa Farshad, Police, Ghulam Fatima, Wapda 61 Kgs: Kamraz, Police, Binish Khan, Wapda, Shanzay, Punjab, Farah, Sindh Individual Kata: Fatima Meena, Wapda, Madeeha Culzar, N.W.F.P, Naila Farshad, Police, Sundas Salam, Sindh Team Kata: Fatima Meena, Sohaila, Kulsoom Hazara, Wapda. Sumayya, Shahida, Farzana, Balochistan. Arifa Farshad, Madiha Farshad, Naila Farshad, Police. Iqra Zafat, Ayesha Aslam, Kanwal Naseer, Punjab. Team Kumite: Kulsoom Hazara, Binish Khan, Ghulam Fatima, Uzma Asghar, Wapda. Naz Gul, Shahida, Farzana, Aziza, Balochistan Shahzadi Andleeb, Madeeha Gulzar, NWFP. Iqra Zafar, Kanwal Naseer, Ayesha Aslam, Maria, Punjab. Team position S.N. Unit G S B Pts 1. Wapda 5 1 2 155 2. Balochistan 3 1 75 3. Police 1 2 4 65 4. Punjab 1 3 30 5. Sindh 1 3 30 6. Islamabad 2 25 7. NWFP 1 10