The very low turn-out (19.96%) in NA-123 by-polls cannot be attributed to the recent Model Town bomb blast. The real reason is obvious; the so-called political leaders of the country, due to their poor performance, are losing confidence of the public and the man in the street is simply not bothered now that who enters the corridor of power. He is far too engaged in trying to resolve the immediate problems that he and his like are suffering from perpetually in their daily lives. The people seem totally resigned to the view that voting for anyone would not do a thing to alleviate their most immediate causes of their sufferings like the loadshedding, price hike, unemployment, etc, etc. Set in this frame of mind, they are naturally loathed coming out to waste their vote and time for nothing, so to say. The situation demands serious attention of all political parties heads. After having got elected to the assemblies, they should leave no stone unturned in doing what they can for the betterment of voters of their constituencies. People have to be given hope. Disinterest in electoral process to such endemic levels is a dangerous portent. -RABEEL SHOUKAT, Lahore, March 11.