Can you find a single Pakistani family which has not been affected by traffic accidents in one form or the other? Only last week, I witnessed two fatal accidents while I was on my 30-km daily trip to my workplace. Everyday I see careless drivers violating traffic laws and police patrols failing to do anything about it. The number of accidents in Lahore and around Lahore are increasing by the day. There are two clear violators of traffic rule; one, the official vehicles driven by careless, nay ruthless, drivers. Second, the mammoth SUVs driven by children of the politicians, bureaucrats and filthy-rich waderas. Another really dreadful breed of drivers are those driving wagons on routes. The drivers of all these categories drive rash, secure in the knowledge that no policeman would dare catch them. According to a rough estimate, there is a traffic accident every 30 minutes in our larger cities. Enough is enough. It is time to do something about it. Pakistan does not need tougher traffic laws. What we need is more seriousness on part of the traffic police so that rules on the books are strictly enforced. Enough of these traffic violations due to which everyone, except our traffic police officers, is suffering. -TABASSUM ALI SHEIKH, Lahore, March 11.