The PPP has, it is quite obvious, decided to follow a disastrous path that instead of strengthening the roots of democracy in the country, would do it grievous harm and might incite the very forces whose role in politics is intended to be eliminated for all time to stage a comeback. The party, which heads the federal and Sindh coalition governments and also holds the office of President, has gone all-out to flout the court verdicts that do not fit in with its objectives. The latest is the Supreme Court order holding the appointment of Justice Deedar Hussain Shah as Chairman NAB null and void. Hardly had the news of the verdict and the incumbents resignation broken out than sources close to the party gave out that the government had decided, in principle, to reappoint him. Not only that. Sindhs PPP leader Taj Haider publicly called into question the court decision, made a call for protest rallies across the province against it to be staged on Friday and urged businesses to remain closed and transporters to keep their vehicles off the road. On the other hand, the lawyers, even from Sindh, have averred that they would not accept the PPPs decision. This has turned the situation into a tinderbox. The partys approach, at best evasive, to a string of court decisions since the landmark verdict on the NRO constitutes, undoubtedly, a direct threat to the countrys nascent democracy. But reappointing Justice Deedar and calling for public demonstrations against the verdict is, indeed, very serious. That points to a no-holds-barred stand of confrontation with the apex court that already feels greatly offended at the governments attitude of prevarication, nay defiance to the verdicts it has given so far. There is need for it to avert the situation from going out of hand. The office of Chairman NAB or, for that matter, any other official in the accountability body is a crucial office that can weigh for or against anyone who is called to account for his acts. All of these offices, of Chairman on top of them, should, therefore, be held by persons of dispassionate character. Justice Deedars association with the PPP should have acted as a check on the government to appoint him against the job. Besides, it was not made with the consent of the leader of the opposition in negation to the spirit of consultation, as required by the Constitution and was, in fact, opposed by him and later challenged in the court. It is earnestly hoped that in the interest of putting a check on corrupt practices, the authorities will see reason and would not make any move that could imperil democracy the nation regained with painstaking efforts.