LAHORE City District Government (CDG) kicked off the grand operation against encroachments in the City on Friday which rocked the encroachers and the CDGs anti-encroachment squads messed up hundreds of illegal structures with the help of heavy machinery and police personal. District Coordination Officer (DCO) Ahad Cheema monitored the entire drive against the encroachments all the day while other officers including TMOs, TORs and concerned officers also were present at the operation sites. Although, the CDG anti-encroachment squads already have demolished a number of illegal structures during their full dress rehearsal but they smashed even remains of such unlawfully erected buildings on the first day of the crackdown. Collectively, they removed encroachments from over 30 kilometre area of about all the nine towns of the City and crushed dozens of permanently built buildings and makeshift shops, situated on major roads of different areas and in the commercial markets. Initially, a piece of land worth of over Rs 120 million, situated at Ferozpure Road has been retrieved by the anti-encroachment squads besides demolishing illegally constructed about 94 shops, more than 602 ramps and 343 sheds erected by the shopkeepers in front of shops by crossing their limits. Meanwhile, the squads also demolished over 272 unlawfully constructed steps and stairs of shops. The teams also removed 256 signboards and billboards, which fell in encroached category and take such items in their custody. As many as 46 truckloads of the encroached items were being shifted to the CDG and towns warehouses. According to other details, collected from different towns of the City, during operation, Wahga Town cleared about three kilometre area from encroachments by demolishing 10 stairs, 14 sheds, 36 ramps and eliminated hundreds of moveable items from the roadsides, footpaths. Further, Shalimar Town cleared seven kilometre area of GT Road from Baghbanpura to Sukh Nehar from encroachments during operation and the officials demolished 100 ramps, 20 shops, 50 shades and 80 stairs a big number of other items including signboards and billboards, which were shifted to the towns warehouses in five trucks. Administration of Iqbal Town cleared three kilometre area from encroachments and the teams demolished 80 ramps, 80 sheds, 20 stairs and lifted encroached items were taken into their custody. Whereas, administration of Data Ganj Bukhsh Town cleared 4 kilometre area from encroachments and the teams demolished 186 ramps, 105 sheds, 47 stairs and removed eight signboards. The teams also lifted hundreds of pushcarts, chairs, tables, counters, utensils and other items and shifted these items to warehouse of the town. Moreover, the teams of Nishtar Town cleared a total three kilometre area of the town from encroachments and demolished five ramps, 50 shades, 15 stairs and took 10 illegally installed signboards in their custody and they grabbed 10 truckloads of different items, kept on roadsides and in front of the shops while the anti-encroachment squads of Aziz Bhatti Town cleared about four kilometre area of their town from encroachments and they demolished 100 ramps, 30 shades with capturing hundreds items, which were shifted in the warehouse of the town in four trucks. The teams of Ravi Town cleared two kilometre area from encroachments including moveable and unmoveable encroachments and they demolished almost 60 shops, 2 sheds and took 12 signboards in their custody and shifted the confiscated items in five trucks to its godown. The teams of Samanabd Town also cleared two kilometre area from encroachments and demolished 40 ramps, seven shades, 100 stairs and took 20 signboards in their custody in six trucks whereas, administration of Gulberg Town cleared two kilometre area at Peco Road and demolished 40 ramps, seven shades, 100 stairs and took 20 signboards in their custody.