This is with reference to your editorial on the "Cost of Not Building" a mega Dam on Indus at Kalabagh Dam (March, 9th 2011). What is startling is clandestine Indian involvement in supporting anti-KBD campaign. With better economic conditions in their country 15 billion rupees is perhaps not much for their ultimate gains. After all they spent billions of dollars to justify their invasion of East Pakistan in 1971. Joseph Stalin once said that the world is governed by wolf's law ie Might is Right. We have been continuously showing our weaknesses to our enemies by dissent and division. More energy means more jobs and better living standards for everyone. Karachi became the biggest Pakhtoon city because there were more jobs there. So thinking of only one geographical area is no good an act to show one's patriotism. Mr. Shamsul Mulk needs to be complimented for his courage and vision for boldly talking about the advantages which would accrue to us as a nation. While it might be difficult to pin point who has been receiving Indian money and how much of it, there is certainly a need to allay the genuine anxiety and apprehension of some countrymen. We as a people have always stood up as a nation to meet some of the worst challenges in our life. I think it is time to cast off all prejudices and build Kalabagh dam. PROF. KHALID HASSAN MAHMOOD, Karachi, March 10.