LAHORE Justice Asad Munir of the Lahore High Court on Friday restrained the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) from taking any adverse action against its two employees/petitioners and sought reply from the chairman to their plea. Shuja Ali Bokhari, deputy secretary, and Asif Raza Sheikh, deputy administrator, filed petition questioning their transfer made by the chairman despite an assurance given earlier before this court during hearing of a petition that no such action would be taken. The petitioners alleged the respondent of committing illegality and contended, through an order of the federal government the respondent has been empowered to review the decisions already taken by departmental promotion committee (DPC) in the year 2010 about their promotion which was contrary to the norm of law and rules. Petitioners, therefore, prayed that the impugned order passed by the federal government allowing the chairman to review already held and acted upon DPCs be declared as illegal and result of extraneous considerations.