LAHORE - The 'jumpy session of Punjab Assembly on Friday witnessed a new kind of lodging protest against PML-N by the members of PML-Q and PPP for accepting the members of Unification Bloc into the ruling partys fold, as the opposition members played soccer with 'plastic lotas outside the provincial assembly to condemn the PML-N and bloc members. While, the women MPs of PML-Q and PPP actively participated in the soccer game to protest against the PML-N for backing and abetting the members of the U-Bloc. Samina Khawar Hayat, Amna Ulfat, Seemal Kamran and Dr Samiya Amjad were prominent among the PML-Q women while Sajida Mir, Uzma Bukhari and Faiza Malik took the lead from the PPP side in this match against the promotion of turncoat trends in the politics of Punjab. However, some male members of the opposition also took part in the protest. The women opposition members hailing from PML-Q and PPP were also wearing 'small lotas on their finger tips to add a new colour to the protest, while they also smashed 'mud lotas on the ground to express a strong response over the existence of the turncoats. The opposition members from both the parties chanted slogans against the PML-N leadership and the members of the unification bloc. They pledged that they would not only allow politics of turncoats in the province but they would also not let the ruling party in the province to impose the 'political opportunists on the honourable members of the Punjab Assembly. It is to be mentioned here, members of the unification bloc while earlier replying to the threat of opposition members protest against them claimed that they would give a befitting answer to the opposition, however U-Bloc members did not turn up when the PML-Q and PPP started their novel way of protest against the PML-N and U-Bloc by playing soccer with the plastic lotas. Meanwhile, opposition leader, Raja Riaz talking to the media after boycotting the house business advisory committee along with the parliamentary party leader PML-Q, Chaudhry Zaheer-ud-Din alleged that new turncoats or 'lotas made by Ittefaq Foundries of Sharifs would not last long and they would break soon. He said sarcastically that the PML-N had to prepare new lotas in the near future keeping in view the quality of the existing lotas. However, having saying so many words against their former coalition partners, Raja Riaz while avoiding a direct comment over bringing a No Trust Motion against the PML-N government said, He will reply to this query at an appropriate time. Chaudhry Zaheer said that PML-N government had become a minority after PPPs separation with it and the chief minister should seek a fresh vote of confidence to express his majority in the House. Former opposition leader claimed that PML-N once again resorted to its traditional politics trends of 'Changa Manga, which would not last for long. Earlier, Zulfikar Gondal, PPPs parliamentary party leader talking to the media said that PPP would not let the Punjab rulers to practice the politics of 'lotacracy, while the PML-N had learnt nothing from the past and once again applying its wicked political tactics of 88 and 90. He claimed that PML-N in the past prepare lotas on the behest of the establishment, however this time they were making lotas without the blessing of the establishment.