It is rather disturbing that NATO has brazenly warned that, if needed, it can respond at a very shot notice in Libya, despite the fact that it has no mandate to fiddle with the issue. Granted, the unrest is on a large scale, but NATO has no business to poke its nose into Libyas internal affairs. It is for the people of Libya themselves to decide what is best for them. NATOs warning only reeks of the arrogance and eagerness of the Western powers to resort to the use of force where Muslim world is concerned. Its sabre-rattling also strengthens the perception that in order to maintain their economic and military supremacy around the world they are allergic to seeing rivals, especially the Muslim world, achieve a measure of stability to grow and develop. US military adventurism in Iraq, Afghanistan, its sanctions on Iran, and drone attacks in Pakistan are part and parcel of the ploy to keep the Muslim world from getting on the path to progress. The West has at this point of time achieved unprecedented progress but it appears it does not want others to catch up with it. This policy of world domination is highly destructive and its fallout will only spell disaster for the West. The US must understand that these days a revolutionary fervour has swept the Muslim countries, which are going through an evolutionary phase. In the circumstances of the sort, fishing in troubled waters will be highly counterproductive and create a new wave of anti-Americanism. French President Nicolas Sarkozy must have taken leave of his senses when he stated that France was ready to carry out targeted attacks on Libya. These hawkish designs make it pretty clear that the name of the game is to turn Libya into another Iraq. NATO must first worry about the military defeat it is suffering at the hands of Taliban in Afghanistan before thinking of undertaking any other venture. The voice and passion of the Libyan people for change that is manifest in countrywide demonstrations must be respected.