LAHORE Pakistan Sunni Itihad Council (PSIC) Lahore chapter held a protest demonstration against price hike and possible release of Raymond Davis, killer of two Pakistanis at Lahore Press Club on Friday. The protest was led by leader of the council including Pir Mohammad Athar Al Qadri, Maulana Mohammad Ali Naqashbani, Mufti Syed Muzzammal Hussain Shah, Mohammad Nawaz Kharal, Maulana Mujahid Abd-ur-Rasool and others. On the occasion, the protester chanted slogans against Talibanization, US and increasing inflation. They were holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans like 'Raymond Davis is US spy agent, not an ambassador. Addressing to the protesters Pir Mohammad Athar said rulers wanted to sale the blood of Pakistani for their vested interests but the masses would not allow them to do so. He said America was showing its extremist attitude by supporting a killer. He further said the masses were committing suicides while the rulers were busy in corruption. Nawaz Kharal said owing to bad policies of the rulers, Pakistanis were facing inflation and extremist. Mufi Haseeb said they would cordon off the parliament if Davis would be released.