Mubashir Hassan & Ch Aamer Waqas LAHORE - As an end to comfy coalition days and show of actual bitterness, the PML-N had real taste of opposition in the Punjab Assembly during the Fridays opening session for the first time when it had to bear the brunt of scathing criticism from the PPP and the PML-Q, apparently over the issue of its validation of the Forward Bloc. If at all one wishes to witness working of the 'graduate Punjab Assembly, Friday must be forgotten as a bad dream since the newly-transformed Opposition and Treasury dished out delicacies of democracy in the form of scuffles, throwing of lotas in the House, sloganeering, showing of shoes, desk thumping, paper hurling, and floating of tissue papers. Seeing no end to this despite a lapse of well-over four hours, ultimately 'unheard and unattended Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal was left with no choice, and after consultation with his cronies from the PML-N, but to adjourn the House till Monday 3pm, which is expected to be re-run of the days 'proceedings when no official business was taken up. However, members will be paid an accumulative amount of Rs 11.13 million for their day of 'serving the masses from the latters pocket. The best side of the story is that despite scuffles, no one of the 'worthy members got injured though quite a few of them might have felt hurt, while others had a day full of fun and exchanging pleasantries. A small vacant area in front of the Speakers desk remained full of agitated and aggressive members from both sides of the political divide trying to grab each other, while 'wise, elderly and respectable towering personalities remained there to intervene and cool the boiling tempers. Interestingly, when the proceedings if they can be called so were halted for prayers, the aggressive leaders and MPAs shared light moments. However, PPPs Nargis Faiz Malik stood an exception when she repeatedly tried to grab Ejaz Shafis neck when the latter 'uttered and gestured unmentionable remarks and moves. Khawaja Imran Nazir-Sajida Mir, and Ajasam Sharif-Shaukat Basra duels could not take place owing to 'interferences by cool-headed elders, like Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, who constantly acted like the Berlin Wall between divided cities. The Opposition members, perhaps as a new tradition carrying lotas Sajida Mir decorating her fingers and Azma Bokhari playing with small lotas and placards inscribed with slogans against turncoats, started their protest outside the House before the session and later, inside the Assembly as they hurled lotas in the House to denounce PML-Q dissidents, who have formed Unification Bloc to support the PML-N when the latter shut its doors on the PPP. In the process, Oppositions Amna Ulfat and Samina Khawar Hayyat went to the extent of removing their shoes 'to express their resentment. The House was echoed with anti-turncoats slogans. To counter the onslaught, PML-Ns women legislators threw lavatory papers towards the Opposition benches, which was a symbolic on two accounts one, they had 'used PPP members like tissue paper and then threw them out on to the Opposition benches; second, the PPP members could wipe their tears after being shown the exit door from the Treasury. They raised posters inscribed with slogans against the NRO beneficiaries and President Zardari to give a befitting reply to the Opposition. Immediately after start of the session, Leader of the Opposition Raja Riaz Ahmad rose to the mike on a point of order to make maiden speech in his new capacity. He had hardly uttered a few words when agitating members from both sides resorted to tit-for-tat sloganeering. At one point of time nothing was audible in the Press Gallery as there were so many voices coming from all corners of the House simultaneously. No body was listening to the Speaker, who found it impossible to calm down both sides. Apparently, it was all fun and amusement for the legislators during first two hours, but it got tense all of a sudden when some one from the Treasury raised slogan against President Zardari. The PPP members got furious at this and began raising slogans against Nawaz Sharif. Seniors from the two sides tried to ease the tension, but to no avail. Meanwhile, a call for prayer quietened the members for a while, and the Speaker announced 30-minute break for prayer, which continued for about an hour. During this rumpus, three prayers Asr, Maghrib and Isha brought short-lived calm in the House, but after breaks, the Opposition resorted to protest and sloganeering from the same point where they had left. Secondly, halt to this aggression used to end for a short periods when Raja Riaz had cameos of a speech the longest and incomplete yet in which he 'brotherly requested, criticised, and advised the Sharifs, especially Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, to become democratic 'avoid one-man show righteous and sagacious in his political approach. He warned his adversaries of not resorting to autocratic measures 'since the PPP men cannot be maimed through such measures. He offered his Partys votes to Shahbaz Sharif provided the CM returned 'Q chicks back to Ch Shujaat Hussain. He also objected to Speakers for shunting out the Pakistan Television from telecasting the proceedings, which was vehemently denied by the Speaker for more than once. Raja Riaz warned the N-Leaguers of MQM-type reaction if the Treasury indulged in bickering against his leadership. About Shahbaz Sharif recent-stance of bringing army and judiciary on board for resolving masses problems, Raja Riaz traced history of Nawaz Sharifs action against former COAS Jehangir Karamat, who 'made the mistake of suggesting National Security Council formation. Now younger brother is asking the army to be part of decision-making process of the government, he commented in an attempt to depict blatant contradiction in Sharifs thinking. Through out the rumpus, the actual object, that is Forward Bloc, remained mum, and had smiling faces, especially Dr Tahir Ali Javed, who kept his gaze down, and aired faint smiles. Fridays sitting was a message for the PML-N that if the Party wished to run the House and legislate, then the PPP should be on board with it. Also, when the Speaker recognised Dr Tahir as Parliamentary leader of his Bloc and invited him to sit in the Advisory Committee meeting, the Opposition boycotted it to show his disapproval. In his speech, Raja Riaz reminded the Speaker that the latter had violated the constitution by 'giving representation to lota (Dr Tahir) in the meeting. The day also proved that the PML-Q would be playing second fiddle to the PPP on the Opposition benches. Succinctly, it is a strong opposition now. Earlier, the House also observed two-minute silence to show respect for the departed soul of slain Federal Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti. The Assembly also passed a resolution condemning the murder and lauding his services for promoting interfaith harmony. The MPAs from minorities also registered their strong protest with the assembly against the incident. They left their seats and sat in front of the Speaker on the ground to show resentment over what they called discriminatory treatment being meted out to the minorities in Pakistan.