ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Friday provided another opportunity to the Federation to remove Director General Federal Investigation Agency alongwith other officials who have been appointed on contract or reemployed after their retirement on obtaining the age of superannuation. A five-member Special Bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Raja Fayyaz Ahmed, Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa and Justice Ghulam Rabbani was hearing contract employment of civil servants case. On March 1st, 2011, the Supreme Court had given three days to the Federation to remove DG FIA Waseem Ahmed alongwith other officials, who were on contract. But the Federal government instead of complying with the court order on March 5, 2011 filed a report in the Apex Court stating that Waseem could not be removed as matters of national security revolves around him. 'Despite repeated observations of this Court except removing/terminating the contract of some of the members of the Disciplinary Forces (Police etc.) including Provincial Police Officer Sindh and others, no further progress has been made, the court said. Wasim Ahmed, DG FIA is still continuing against the same post although, without prejudice to his case on merits, this Court has made observations against him from time to time regarding poor investigation of the case, the court observed. Justice Khosa inquired from the Secretary Establishment whether the FIA was an investigative or intelligence agency. He said it was not the DG FIA to see the national matter, but some other agencies. During the proceeding, the CJP praising the Prime Minister and Presidency said: 'Prime Minister is a nice person and very cooperative. He always comes forward to resolve problems and even the Presidency is helpful. Rauf Chaudhry Secretary Establishment said that civil servants who are reemployed and not those who are on contract come under Section 14 of Civil Servants Act, 1973. He said that the summary for retaining Waseem Ahmed, due to national security, was moved by the Ministry of Interior. Qamar Zaman Secretary Interior attending the proceeding on the court short notice presented a document to the bench saying it was a classified document. The bench after looking at it said if it was the classified, then it was a joke. Justice Raja Fayyaz said: 'It is the joke of year. Justice Khosa remarked: 'Its a classified joke. Justice Khosa asked the Secretary whether it was mentioned in the DG FIAs contract that he was employed for national security issue or this is basis for his retention. He said: 'The court was showing restraint, therefore dont push us against the wall. The courts are being maligned, while they were doing their job, he said. The Chief Justice showing the copy of The Nation asked the Secretary Establishment have you received the resignation of the DG FIA. He replied 'no. Rauf Chaudhry informed the court that the committee formed to examine the cases of reemployment of officials had reviewed cases of 47 officials of 22 Ministries, while 24 Ministries have to be examined yet. Balochistan Advocate General said except four doctors there was no one on contract in the province. Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa AG informed that there were 14 officials on contract, but now they have been removed. Khawaja Haris Advocate General Punjab said there 9 officers, who were reemployed, but now either they have resigned or their services have been terminated. Fateh Muhammad AG, Sindh briefed the court that there 83 officers and 43 have been removed. He said out of 40 there were 12 officers whose services justified, while the provincial committee was reviewing the remaining cases. When the Federations counsel Hafeez Pirzada asked him that Ministry of Interior want to brief you about the case. The CJP said this is not good habit to hear the cases in chamber and pass orders. The Chief Justice said that they had taken suo moto on the allegations of the Parliamentary Committee of the Senate of Religious Affairs, which was also presented in the National Assembly. He said if the court had not taken the notice of the matter the government might had hushed up the issue. The CJP said that MNA Imran Shah had alleged corruption against PMs son but could not substantiate it. He said that the superior courts have to perform its duty, but many people dont like its judgments and say that the courts giving adversarial verdicts. The Chief Justice asked Additional Director General FIA Javed Bukhari you dont have to conceal anything; as everything was available before the court. Bukhari said they are facing problems in tracking the transactions of money. 'We have taken the statements of Qazalbash ex-Secretary Religious Affairs and Ismail Qureshi ex-Secretary Establishment Division, he told. He said on the order of Ministry of Interior Rao Shakeels name was removed from the ECL. Azam Khan Director (Legal) FIA informed the court if Ahmed Faiz is arrested then they would know about so many things. He said the Saudi agents through whom the Haj Directorate in Saudi Arabia obtained accommodation for Pakistani Hajis were reluctant to provide facts. Justice Javed Iqbal said the courts might not have performed the role of social reformers if they people have not demanded. Due to the Haj Ministry officials corruption Pakistan has been maligned internationally. Javed Bukhari said that 200 persons in 2009 and 248 in 2010 performed Haj on government expenses. Justice Khosa asked him is it not the violation of law and misuse of authority? Have you issued notices to those who performed Haj on government expenses? The court directed the FIA to expedite the investigation process, and adjourned the case till March 16, 2011.