Millions of people in greater Tokyo are stranded far from home after Japans biggest earthquake on record shut down the capitals massive subway system. Sirens wailed through Tokyo, people rushed to the citys ubiquitous 24-hour convenience stores, quickly emptying shelves of bento boxes, sandwiches and instant noodle cups. Countless workers, who had fled violently swaying office blocks, found themselves stuck far from their families, and unable to speak to them because the overloaded mobile phone system could not carry most calls. I have no idea how Ill get home, said a woman waiting outside Ginza subway station. She described how ceramics shattered around her in a department store when the huge quake hit mid-afternoon. The govt used loudspeaker alerts and television broadcasts to urge people to stay near their workplaces rather than risk long walks home, as highways leading out of the city centre were choked. Agencies