ISLAMABAD - Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Friday has passed an order that in future if anyone intends to make any statement regarding stay order in favour of Punjab government may get information beforehand from the registrar instead of maintaining a version which is not supported by the court record. During proceeding of the Haj scam case, it was pointed out to Punjab Advocate General Khawaja Haris that as chief law officer of the province he should clarify as to whether any case relating to stay granted in the favour of Punjab government was pending with the Supreme Court, as it was generally alleged the Punjab govt was functioning on account of such a stay order. The AG categorically stated no such case of stay was pending in the favour of Punjab gov. However, the chief justice directed him to visit the SC registrars office along with media men today (Friday) to look for any such case on website of the SC. Complying with the court orders, Haris visited the registrar office along with 11 journalists including Terence J Sigmony, Hasnat Mehmood, Wajid Hameed, Abdul Qayyum Siddiqui, Faisal Shakeel, Ghulam Nabi, Ijaz Ahmed, Abdul Shakoor, Waheed Murad, Fakher Rehman and Rashid Habib for examining the record. After thorough scrutiny, no such case involving interim stay order in the favour of Punjab government was found pending. Later on, Haris issued a statement that there was absolutely no stay order of any nature whatsoever issued by Supreme Court in the favour of Punjab govt. According to the statement, for the last few months various persons have been making statements in the electronic and print media that the Punjab government is operating under a stay order purportedly passed by the Supreme Court. He said: I in unequivocal terms assert there is no stay order of any nature whatsoever passed by 'any court in Pakistan by virtue of or under which the government of Punjab is functioning.