IT is the kind of trick performed by illusionists who want to make you believe something is floating mid-air. But this new gadget will soon let people perform similar stunts in the office or at home - and there is no magic involved.

Prague-based design studio, Kibardindesign, have created a levitating wireless computer mouse known as Bat. The sleek design includes a mouse pad and mouse with a magnetic ring, which allows it to float in mid-air.  It levitates at a height of 40mm on its own or 10mm beneath the weight of your hand.

Other than looking futuristic, Bat can also stop nerve damage and dysfunction in people’s hands. It is specifically designed to prevent those using a mouse from experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome - the painful hand, fingers, and wrist condition that is often associated with prolonged use of a mouse.

Despite already grabbing the attention of the public, the product is still in its testing phase and not available to buy just yet. When it is released it will come in two simple colours - black and white.

Vadim Kibardin was born in 1974 in Russia and graduated from Ural State Academy’s of Architecture and Art Industrial. Since 2005 he has lived in Prague where his studio started production.

According to Wallpaper magazine, Kibardin is on the list of 40 designers ‘who will change the world’ along with Jonathan Eve, Ora Ito, John Maeda and the Bouroullec brothers. –Daily Mail