ISLAMABAD – ‘The True Academicians Panel’, a new panel, comprising comparatively young but more educated teachers, most of them having Ph.D degrees, is going to contest Academic Staff Association (ASA) elections of International Islamic University (IIUI).

ASA is an association of the teaching community of IIUI. According to its constitution, election for its governing body must be held every year. This year, two panels are contesting for the elections and ‘The True Academicians Panel’ is one of them.

‘The panel strives for a change of political and educational culture at the university. The change is vital for progress and development of the university and we want to bring this change though active cooperation and participation of the teacher community, Dr Rahmat ElLahi, President of the panel said in a statement.

‘The teachers’ problems must be addressed through the platform of ASA so that they could focus entirely on their official responsibilities and contribute to the realisation of the goals of establishment of the varsity. But we strongly realize that most of our teachers are faced with various problems due to which they cannot contribute to the development of the university’.

The president noted that the existing leadership of ASA has deviated from the original goal of the association due to which they have not sincerely devoted their efforts to resolve the genuine problems of the teachers. They have indulged themselves into group politics which did not earn good name either for the teachers or the university and we want to change this culture.

Presently, the workload of teachers is too much, sparing no time for them to endeavor for research activities. We would strive to slash the teaching load in order to facilitate the teachers in their creative adventures. Introduction of performance based incentive scheme, particularly for researchers is also our objective.

We would also focus on the concerns of senior faculty members related to their promotion, the panel statement said.

Other members of the panel include Mazhar Iqbal Bhatti, Vice President (Male), Dr Asma Gul, Vice President (Female), Dr Hafiz Abid Masood, General Secretary, Ms Sidra Chaudhry, Joint Secretary (Female), Hafiz Ghufran Ahmad, Finance Secretary and Mr. Manzoor Ahmad, Information Secretary. Dr. Rahmat Ellahi.