KOT RADHA KISHAN - A band of 12 armed dacoits looted 350 tolas of gold and cash from a jewellery shop and also deprived several passers-by of cash and cellphone here in main bazaar the other night.

Reportedly, 12 armed dacoit, in two car having revolving lights came to bazaar late the other night. They tied the two watchmen with a rope and cut 20 locks of Nafees Jewellers and made off with 350 tolas of gold and Rs14,500. Later, the culprits also snatched cash and cellphones from more than two dozens passers-by. During the whole time the police could not reached the spot.

Following the incident, the trade federation and other local trade organisations observed a complete shutdown against the dacoity and raised slogans against the police inefficiency.

Meanwhile, Kasur DPO Syed Khurram Ali Shah and ASP Saddr Shaista Rehman rushed to the spot and assured the representatives of traders' organisations including Zaffar Ullah Chohan that the accused would be arrested within a week.

The Kot Radha Kishan Police have registered a case on the complaint of Muhammad Naeem and started investigation.

CRUSHED TO DEATH: A speeding tractor-trolley crushed to death a minor boy here on Yasirabad Road in the remit of Kot Radha Kishan Police. Reportedly, nine-year-old Hamza Ali was crossing the road when a rashly driven tractor-trolley crushed him to death. The police have arrested the driver M Arif and have registered a case.