LAHORE – At a meeting on Monday, held under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif with Ulema and Mashaikh of all schools of thought, declared awarding strict punishment under law to the person who committed blasphemy against the Holy Prophet which led to the Badami Bagh incident, so that no person could ever commit such an act again.

The representatives also declared awarding deterrent punishment to elements who indulged in terrorism and set on blazed properties of minorities or looted their belongings.

The meeting announced observing Friday (March 15) as ‘Yume-e-Rawadari’ (Day of Forbearance).

The representatives expressed deep sense of sorrow over Badami Bagh tragedy. The participants agreed with the stance taken by CM and Punjab government against malicious propaganda and equally shared the grief of the Christian brethren.

The meeting stressed the need for displaying patience, courage and wisdom at this critical hour in order to make Pakistan a haven of peace and security as well as to strive for its strength and stability.

Ulema and Mashaikh of all schools of thought attended the meeting besides Pir Muhammad Aminul Hasnaat Shah Chairman Mutahida Ulema Board Punjab, Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Sialvi Chairman Punjab Quran Board, Maulana Muhammad Ajmal Qadri, Maulana Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council, Dr Raghib Hussain Naeemi Administrator Jamia Naeemia Lahore and Maulana Muhammad Amjad Khan.

Addressing the meeting, the CM said that Islam was a religion of peace and ensures protection of life, property dignity of every member of the society regardless of his caste, color or creed.

He said that in an Islamic state, it is the duty of all Muslims especially the state to ensure protection of life and property and dignity of non-Muslim citizens adding that the foremost right which every non-Muslim had under an Islamic government and society was the right of protection. Every non-Muslim should be protected from external and internal cruelty and oppression so that they could lead their lives with complete peace and tranquility. He said that the Last Prophet while delivering the last sermon at Hajjatul Wida, had issued directions for protecting life and property and dignity of the whole mankind, and declared that the killing of any non-Muslim citizen living in an Islamic state was Haraam.

CM takes notice: The CM took notice of an firing incident at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan and directed the police authorities to arrest immediately the elements involved in firing and vandalism, besides taking stern action against them according to law. The CM also directed immediate resumption of academic activities in the university.