The word education is derived from the word educate which means to ‘enable an individual to distinguish between true and false, good and bad, right from wrong.’ Education plays a vital role in the progress of a society as well as a country. It helps to differentiate between right and wrong. The government is responsible for providing favorable environment and places where the citizens can acquire knowledge without any hindrance. As we are living in a global village we have an easy access to all lot of information as well as all the recent discoveries and researches.

Unfortunately in Pakistan the education sector has been neglected for the last 65 years. The teaching methodology in schools, colleges, and universities must be revised from primary to university level. The HEC should be made an autonomous institution without any political affiliation. In national budget, education sector is treated as an unimportant sector. The minimum possible fund of 2 percent of the GDP is allocated to education, out of which most is embezzled by the ministry and its sub-offices. We couldn’t get rid of thousands of ghost schools and ghost teachers in sixty five years. It is now time to take the bull by the horns and provide education if we want a better tomorrow.


Lahore, March 8.