LAHORE (PR) – Frogh-e-Taleem Pakistan presented gold medals for outstanding service and performance to two vice-chancellors, two DCOs, one secretary, three Director General, fifty five principals, ten EDOs and seven DEOs including journalists.

The organization Frogh-e-Taleem organized 8th ceremony to the above mentioned personalities and also gave shields to senior faculty members of Lahore college and university for women and presented awards to the 2 Directors of Punjab University, the chief guests of the ceremony were Provincial Ministers Ch. Ahmad Ali Aolakh and Zakiya Shahnawaz and Secretary Social Welfare,  Secretary Education Dr Jalil Tariq DPI Colleges Punjab, Noor ul Amen Mangal, DCO Lahore, Registrar Cooperative Department Punjab, Dr Arshad Mahmood.

 In the ceremony topping personalities from Punjab including Lahore were awarded certificates and gold medals.