RAWALPINDI – Experts at a seminar held on “Solar Energy System as Alternative Solution for Energy Crises in Pakistan” have stressed upon the government and decision-makers to realise growing demand for power in all the industrial, agricultural and domestic sectors and encourage solar power projects to address the power and energy crisis.The seminar was arranged by a private company Tesla Industries here on Monday. A number of experts including Aamir Hussain CEO Tesla Industries, Mubarak Hussain, Irshad-ul-Haq and others spoke on this occasion. Experts said that despite tall claims by federal and provincial governments in near past, no practical work was done on their part to introduce and adopt solar energy system. “Solar energy system can bridge the gap between demand and supply of electricity very actively and efficiently”, they mentioned. They said power shortage had damaged a lot to the industrial and agricultural sectors as well as producing endless problems to the domestic consumers. “The public and private sector including domestic users can overcome the electricity crises by adopting alternative energy sources”, they said adding more that solar energy system is the most reliable among them. They said in America and other European countries solar energy system was fast growing as a reliable alternative. They said that after the Pakistani manufacturers like Tesla Industries have started producing international standard electrical equipment used for the systems, the prices came down within the reach of common man. Experts emphasized the industrial, agricultural and domestic user to jump over to solar system as Pakistan was an exceptionally sunny country and use of solar energy makes much sense for Pakistan for several reasons. They further said that Germany, Spain, Japan, United States, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, China, France and India were among the top countries using solar energy at a noticeable level.