MULTAN - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that the ineligible leadership sitting in national and provincial assemblies lacks guts to decide the names of caretaker prime minister and chief ministers.

Addressing news conference here at his residence on Monday, he added that neither the parliamentary committee could decide the names nor the Chief Election Commission could make such a big decision.

He claimed that the PTI would give big surprises to all political parties in coming elections. He added that the tsunami of PTI further intensified and the upward trend would continue till elections. He said that no party could hold any public meeting like the ones held by the PTI in Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Waziristan and Peshawar. He said that the surveys conducted by different agencies on popularity of political parties were worthless. "I don't give them a damn. A survey conducted in Germany declared the PPP the most popular party. Was that survey correct?" he posed a question.

He said that he believed in practical politics instead of mere slogans. He declared that the PTI would make its manifesto public in the upcoming March 23 public meeting.

He said that the PTI was the only party that had 80,000 elected office-bearers while the parties that claimed to be the largest had no more than 4000 office-bearers.

He claimed that a big wave of change was about to sweep the country. He added that anyone's quitting party did not make any difference as the party was fully organized.

Referring to Badami Bagh tragedy, he said that the Punjab government should have resigned on the incident and admit its ineligibility.

He said that the law and order situation in Punjab should have been better since this province did not have tribal areas. "But the minorities faced three concurrent tragedies here while no action is so far taken against anyone," he pointed out.