A large, angry mob set on fire the entire colony of Christian community as a reaction to alleged blasphemous comments. I will not call this mob Muslim, as they acted against all dictates of Islam. The appalling incident cannot be justified on any religious grounds. Further, this unjustified attack was in response to the action of a single person. You cannot harm thousands as revenge for the comments of one person. As per legal perspective, the maxim ‘no one must be condemned unheard’ is a part of our justice system. Secondly, even according to Islamic injunctions, no one can be convicted against a crime committed by someone else. A man is always responsible for his own acts. And the punishment must be commensurate with the criminal act.

As a Muslim Ummah, it is incumbent upon us to find out the reasons for this fast growing intolerance among the followers of Islam. It takes different forms for instance religious extremism, sectarian discord, terrorist activities and politically motivated militancy. This sort of intolerance and jingoism has badly shattered the image of Muslims. Islam, the word meaning ‘peace’ is religion of peace and it never enjoins its followers to inflict injustice and atrocities on non-believers. The ruthless truth is that we as a nation have started taking the law in our own hands whenever we have the chance, especially when it comes to religion.


Lahore, March 10.