KARACHI - The Jafria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) on Monday called for the launch of a Swat-like offensive in Karachi to wipe out terrorists.

Addressing a press conference here, JAP President Allama Abbas Kumaili said the recent acts of terrorism were aimed at postponing the general elections.  He was of the view that Abbas Town bombings, Chisthia Masjid blast and Joseph Town violence are the result of same mindset.

He said that few anti-state and so-called extremist groups are responsible for Joseph Colony Badami Bagh Lahore fire and other incidents, which is against the teaching to the Islam. He said few religious extremists were targeting the sons of founder of Pakistan and their supporters in the name of Islam. He said constant bomb blasts, attacks on mosques and shrines and torching houses in Lahore were pre-planned acts to delay the next general elections and enforced their agenda through force.

Kumaili further said the country was facing many challenges and Pakistan Army needed to play pivotal role for saving the country from internal and external enemies. He said Joseph Colony Badami Bagh incident is the continuity of Abbas Town and Chishtia Masjid Peshawar blasts.  He stressed the need to ensure coordination between Chief of Army Staff and Chief Justice of Pakistan to foil the conspiracies of anti-state elements.

Allama Syed Baqir Zaidi, Pastor Naseem Kaleem, Sulman Mujtaba, Sareena Javaid, Syed Shabar Raza, Azhar Ali Khan, Nazim Hajji and Allama Hussain Masood were also present on this occasion.