ISLAMABAD - “If we are considered as Pakistanis then tell us how many Hindus were inducted in Pakistan Army since the inception of the country,” said Mnouhar Lal in the National Assembly while condemning the atrocities on minorities.

He said that at least the minorities have the right to protest when they got beaten. He alleged the Punjab government for severe negligence in case of Badami Bagh incident and said that he congratulates Punjab government for completing hatred as Shati Nagar, Gojra incident and now Badami Bagh was the third incident occurred in Punjab in which the minorities were hit.

Akram Gill while condemning the Lahore incident said that no one in the Parliament was willing to work for minorities and warned the rulers “not to create for us situation which was at the time of creation of Pakistan [when Muslims demanded for a separate homeland being religious minority”. “If you think we cannot live together, give us a separate province so that we could have a feeling of security,” he added.

Gil also move a resolution that members of National Assembly Monday unanimously passed condemning the tragic incident of Lahore resulting in burning of more than 175 Christian community houses and urged the government for constitution of a judicial commission for the probe.

The resolution stated, “This house unanimously, regrets and expresses its grave concern and sorrow over the tragic incident of Joseph Colony, Lahore resulting in burning down of more than 175 houses of the Christian community and declares it as a national disaster”.

“The house unanimously condemns any act or word of blasphemy against any religious/holy personality, book or worship place of any religion or faith by any person of any faith anywhere in the world”.

The house calls upon and recommends to the government to immediately form a judicial commission to, “(a) probe into the causes of incident impartially (b) fix responsibility on those responsible for the happening of the tragic incident (c) carry out necessary legislation if so desired to prevent such unfortunate incidents in future (d)proceed against and bring to justice those responsible and specifically named in FIR registered of the incident on March 9 in shortest time (e) disburse the grant/compensation immediately so announced to the affected of the tragic incident and reconstruct the damaged houses as soon as possible,” the resolution added.

“We neither need question hour, fresh legislation but security,” said JUI-F’s member Asiya Nasir from Balochistan while condemning the Lahore incident. She said that the Lahore incident was not something new “as minorities in Punjab had always been subject to such incidents in the past as well,” and “Punjab is exporting terrorism in other parts of the country.”

She said that the PML-N was “anti-minority” party and was responsible for sectarian killings in Quetta and Karachi due to its sympathies for the banned outfits. Her views were endorsed by Ramesh Lal and Shazia Mari from the PPP.

Khawaja Sohail Mansoor from the MQM condemned the incident and demanded resignation from chief ministers of Sindh for Abbas Town tragedy and Punjab for Lahore incident. Bushra Gohar from the ANP apologized the Christian community for the treatment they were meted out in Lahore and said “this is state’s failure which divided the nation in to communities, sects and religions.”

 She said that the Lahore incident was premeditated as resident of the Joseph colony Lahore were evacuated but no action was taken to stop the mob.