JANDANWALA - The rising number of motorcycle rickshaws coupled with untrained drivers, has become a major cause of road accidents and nuisance in the city.

Most of these rickshaws are unregistered and the drivers, mostly teenagers, have no driving licenses.

According to a survey, 80 percent of the drivers have no driving licenses which make the situation more aggravated. Due to the increased number of mishaps, the motorcycle rickshaws have become a symbol of road accidents.

Furthermore, these rickshaws have become cause of noise pollution and nuisance in the area. Along with irritating sounds of these rickshaws, the drivers play music amplifiers at full volumes.

On the other hand, despite severe problems being created by the motorcycle rickshaws, the police, the district administration and the TMA have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to plight of the public. These functionaries which have supposed to curb the menace have been unmoved and it appeared to have been in tacit agreement with violators.

The citizens have demanded the DCO and DPO to take action against such violations.