ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan said on Monday that Pak-Iran gas pipeline project was in country’s interest but the prolonged delay in finalisation of the project was beyond thinking.

In a statement issued from central media cell of PTI, the chairman said that the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project was in favor of the country but the questions is why the government has finalised such project at a time when assemblies were set to dissolve.

He said that the Metro Bus Service and Danish schools were costly projects but PTI will not close these projects after coming into power. Commenting on the increasing corruption in the country, PTI Chief said that the rulers of the country have not been declaring their assets just to hide their tax evading but after coming into power PTI would hold these tax evaders accountable.

The PTI Chairman said that most of the politicians in country have their assets in foreign countries and a person whose assets were in outside countries has no right to do politics here. “Only the tax evader needs to hide assets,” said Imran. “Historic thefts have been taken place in the country but the PTI will also do the historic accountability of all thieves, he added.

He said that the country was going through severe crisis but the rulers of the country were enjoying lavishes and their elite living. “People in the country are compelled to sell their children and even their body organs due to poverty but the government has been paying no heed towards their plights,” said PTI chief.

He said that all the leaders of PTI had declared their assets but the leadership of other parties was not ready to do so just to save their skin.

He said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) would be made an autonomous body which would work without any influence. “PTI has formed a complete anti-corruption policy in order to wipe out corruption from all government departments,” said PTI Chief, adding that his party would adopt a step-by-step approach to bring an end to corruption and to hold all corrupt people accountable. Imran Khan said that the police would also be depoliticized as it was the only way to provide courage to law enforcers for taking action even against the leaders of the country.

The PTI Chairman said that a fair local body system would be introduced in the country to start development projects at every level of the country.

He said that it was unfortunate fact that the government employees instead of serving the common masses busy in doing duties for Bilawal House and Raiwand. 

He said that the corporate departments should work under corporate sector instead of ministries. “Executive boards of corporate departments including PIA, WAPDA, Steel Mills, Railway will be formed so that all the decisions can be taken on merit,” he said.

He said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) tried to cheat every step of PTI but it could not hold intra party elections likewise PTI, adding that the intra party elections would bring an end to the traditional politics in the country.

“After coming into power, PTI will ensure the supremacy of law so that the justice can be delivered at equal basis,” he said. He said that PTI was in favor of dialogue process with Taliban just to bring peace in the country.