PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Health and PPP leader Syed Zahir Ali Shah has said that the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project is a historical achievement of the incumbent PPP government that will not only stabilize the economy but will also overcome the existing energy crisis in the country.

Addressing at a joining ceremony here at press club, Zahir Shah said that PPP is the only masses party, the history of which is full of sacrifices, has always taken bold decisions in the interest of the people. He added that despite the opposition of the US, Asif Ali Zardari-led government decided to sign the Gas pipeline project.

“President Zardari himself, showing his courage, on Monday inaugurated the gas pipeline project in Iran, he maintained.

The history of Bhutto family is full of sacrifices, Zahir Shah said adding the party’s founding chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto had rendered the sacrifice of his life for the sake of masses.

He further said that handing over the Gawadar port to the Chinese firm was also an uphill task, as the international community had also opposed it but the government took a bold decision in favor of the nation and didn’t come under pressure.

This will also be helpful in creating job opportunities in the country, he claimed.

The Minister also claimed that the incumbent PPP government has started such policies with which new industry will be established in the country and the existing units will grown up. Regarding the upcoming elections in the country, he said that PPP will not make alliance with any political party rather seat to seat adjustment will be carried out in the best interest of the party workers, he maintained.

On this occasion several activities of different political parties including Malik Arif and Zulfiqar of PML-N, Sajjad Haider, Gul Muhammad, Khan Muhammad and Rasool Marwat of ANP and Haji Alaud Din of PTI announced joining the Asif Ali Zardari-led PPP. They expressed full confidence in the PPP leadership and vowed to work for the betterment of the masses as per the policies of the party.