Since 2008 the PPP led Government has been neglecting Pakistan Railway (PR) continuously. In every budget, the Government announced specific amount for the development of Railway but unfortunately it proved only a political slogan and no money was forthcoming to the department for the last 5 years. Every country works towards an improvement in its infrastructure, but in Pakistan it is the reverse.

Pakistan Railway provides transportation to the middle class to the farthest corners of the country and brings them closer for business, sightseeing and education. It caters to large scale movement of people and freight. An effective railway system facilitates trade and reduces transportation cost in comparison to other means of transportation eventually also promoting rural development and national integration among the commuters. Railway also provides help to the armed forces in transferring their human resources, weapon and heavy machinery in the country.

PR has a potential and always played a crucial role in the development of Pakistan’s economy and trade, which directly depends upon Railway network. Through its 7,791 kms wide track, it combines and connects people of all provinces. Recently, Railway suffered crisis due to shortage of locomotives and lack of funds. The government should support and take bold steps to resurrect this state run department from its ruins.

New locomotives should be procured for swift operation of rail network as only 100 locomotives, operating as if now cannot run the whole network smoothly. Railways requires a good dose of funding as well as good management.


Lahore, March 6.