MANDI BAHAUDDIN - People belong to all walks of life including ex-servicemen and lawyers and members of the Christian community including women and children staged separate demonstration on Jail Road in protest against burning of homes in Joseph Colony a day after an alleged blasphemy incident in Lahore.

The demonstrators burnt tyres and blocked traffic for some time to register their protest. They raised slogans against the vandals who put the Christians locality ablaze after forcing them to abandon it. The women wept and beat their chests to vent off their anger. The demonstrators demanded the government to arrest and punish the culprits under the law and take special measures to provide protection to the lives and property of the Christians community across Pakistan.

Meanwhile, addressing another protest, former Press Club president Raja Sarwar said the rulers were busy in blame game and politicking. Bureaucrats and their subordinates are busy to please their political bosses and police force is employed to provide escorts and protection to VIPs and their families. They have no time to detect miscreants and criminals and take pre-emptive action to foil their designs. Besides most of the criminals and terrorists have backing from strong and influential and they had no respect or fear of law. Police do not register case against such criminals and in case they are booked for committing heinous crimes, the courts let them free due to faulty investigation and lack of evidence. On one side rulers and bureaucrats boast of their false achievements on the other side extremists and terrorists are playing havoc with the poor.

It looks strange parliamentarians are celebrating end of their five year tenure that had destabilize the country and nation in all fields. There was no government writ visible in the country including Punjab. People have demanded of the rulers to punish all those responsible for torching houses of Christian's brothers and help them rehabilitate as soon as possible. They also demanded to focus on protection of lives and properties of the citizens as enshrined in the constitution.