SWAT - Swat, a major city having 1.8 million population, but has no neurosurgeon in Saidu Group of hospitals to cater to the nureo patients for the last many years.

The Neuro Department in the headquarters hospital has CT Scan and MRI machines but no doctors have been appointed to handle the patients of these departments. The non-availability of the concerned doctor has multiplied the hardships of the patients as they have no option but to visit Peshawar and Islamabad for medical treatment.

Hundreds of patients with critical condition arrive in the Saidu Sharif hospital on daily basis but most of them succumb to injuries.

These patients are referred to either Peshawar or Islamabad for treatment chiefly due to the non-availability of a neurosurgeon at the Saidu Sharif Hospital.

The Saidu Teaching Hospital is the 5th largest teaching hospital in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The hospital has 500-bed capacity and further extension of 500 beds is expected in near future. The hospital provides health facilities to the population of neighboring seven districts of Malakand Division and parts of Kohistan District. 

But the government’s apathy towards the neuro department in this hospital is beyond comprehension.

People of the valley demand of the sitting government to appoint a neuron surgeon to address to the increasing number of patients in the area.

Aseel Zaada, one the patient’s relative told TheNation that due to the absence of a Neurosurgeon in the hospital, most of the poor patients expire on the way to Peshawar. Our health Department is responsible for all these human losses, she added.

Another patient’s family member Fazal said that they have come from Upper Swat in a very difficult condition and got their patient admitted in the hospital. But the doctors on duty have advised them that no neuro surgery facility was available at the hospital and they needed to rush the patient to Peshawar for better treatment. However, the patient lost his life before reaching Peshawar. Fazal demanded of the Chief Minister and Minister for health to immediately provide neuro surgeon in the hospital to save lives of the patients.

When contacted, Medical Superintendent (MS) of Saidu Group of Hospitals Dr Khurshid said that they had communicated this problem to the hospital management but their response was not very encouraging. He expressed his hope said that a senior doctor would be posted soon.

Later, talking to TheNation Minister for Environment Wajid Ali Khan said that the process of appointing the neuro surgeon in the hospital was at a final stage.