This is in response to the article of Justice Markandey Katju titled ‘The Truth about Pakistan’ published on March 2, 2013. I would like to thank ‘TheNation’ for printing the article which exposes the real face of India. He idealized Akbar as an emperor of India. The fact of the matter is that Akbar tried to create harmony in Indo-Pak by liquidating the boundaries of faith between Muslims and Hindus. He is idealised neither by Muslims nor by Hindus. They were two separate entities and they wanted to live as such.

With reference to the idea of ‘Two Nation Theory’, I would say that the Hindus lived with Muslims for about a thousand years as a result of marriage of convenience. They always had their separate entity but were looking for an opportunity to go their separate ways. Finally they got it through the courtesy of British rule. When we lost East Pakistan in 1971, Indira Gandhi remarked, “Today we have taken revenge of our thousand years of slavery”. Do you think a master and slave can ever live in harmony?

In response to his remarks about bloodshed in Quetta, Karachi and Peshawar as a result of religious extremism, I would like to remind him that all our Shiah and Sunni leaders have condemned it and blamed external factors for terrorism (for which our intelligence agencies have valid evidence). Finally, it may have been the British who ignited the fire of religious intolerance and extremism, but now who is carrying the torch? The ‘Two Nation Theory’ has never been a theory. It has always been a fact!


Lahore, March 3.