MULTAN - The Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) presented the view of a battlefield when a severe gunfire erupted between two groups of Peoples' Students Federation (PSF), leaving at least three injured of gunshots.

The injured were identified as Rana Javed, head of Rana Group, Saqib and Haseeb, who were rushed to Nishtar Hospital for treatment.

The condition of two injured students is stated to be precarious. The Alpa police are learnt to have registered a case against seven assailants including Ata Nandla, head of Nandla Group.

The gun battle sparked a string of protest demonstrations in the varsity as angry activists of Rana Javed Group of PSF sealed all entry and exit points of the BZU, paralysing the whole campus. A musical concert of renowned singer Jawad Ahmad was underway when the firing took place. The angry mob disrupted the concert as well.

The BZ University is in grip of serious unrest since 2008. University sources claim that various groups of PSF are given umbrella by political leaders belonging to PPPP while BZU administration also shows reluctance in taking action against them.

Resultantly, firing incidents and brawls have become a routine. "All hostels are occupied by different groups of PSF and they maintain their hold through arms and outsiders," sources added.

The PSF activists have been involved in roughing up the students and teachers and many inquiries were held against them. The decisions are still pending.

Giving details, BZU sources said that the members of Ata Nandla group tried to invade Usman Hall, currently under the hold of Rana Javed group. The members of Rana Javed Group, however, resisted the bid on which the assailants opened indiscriminate fire, leaving three injured.

The attackers fled from the spot while the members of Rana Javed group launched protest after learning about the incident. The angry activists of Rana Javed Group did rounds of campus, hurled weapons, clubs and slogans, creating panic. The students especially girls were seen screaming and rushing for refuge at safer places.