There must be some real compelling reason for the PM to make a dash to Ajmer, India to pay homage in person to the Sufi saint, at a crucial transitory time, when his presence was most warranted in the country. We hope it is a personal visit and not paid by the exchequer. Our president too had made the same pilgrimage and even donated a million dollars to the Dargah, whose Mutawali had to come to Islamabad to get the payment expedited which had been somewhat delayed! (This from poor indebted Pakistan)

I don’t know why our rulers spend millions on visiting foreign pirs when there is no dearth of pirs in our own beloved country, the kind of reverence shown by our rulers to the pirs is amazing. I sincerely request our rulers to ask their pirs to bless them with some vision to rule sagaciously and honestly and not bless them with seats and chairs only!


Rawalpindi, March 9