You deserve all the praise for your thought provoking editorial captioned, ‘Another Day of Mourning' dated March 5, 2013.The overwhelming and shattering evil forces of terrorism have proved that they are more potent than the State of Pakistan. The attack on the Shiite's locality in Abbas Town in Karachi is a glaring example of utter failure of the present government to stop the ever increasing menace of terrorism. It is being claimed that 45 persons have been killed in the twin blasts last Sunday and as many as 150 have been critically injured. It is the tip of the iceberg, in the wake of the magnitude of the blasts that brought down two towering buildings tumbling down.

How many victims became part of the rubble and how many innocent people disappeared in the thick smoke of disastrous conflagration will remain a mystery. It is astounding that the police were conspicuous by their absence at the site of the catastrophe and the bereaved were picking up flesh and limbs of their dear amidst wails and cries reaching the sky. The genocide of the Shiite has become the order of the day. The terrorists are moving heaven and earth to create bad blood between the Shiites and the Sunnites. Praise must be given to the Shiite clerics and leaders who did not stir up the embers of hatred against any specific religious sect, but there are chances that some other evil force, with ulterior motives, may exploit the situation and the country can be catapulted into sectarian war.


Wah Cantt, March 7.