LAHORE - A full scale emergency drill was conducted at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore on Tuesday wherein CAA Fire and Medical Services played a pivotal role.

To make this event near to reality, a mock plane B-747 was put on fire and a fire call was made, responding to which CAA fire fighters vehicles and staff rushed to the spot and extinguished the large scale fire with the help of latest equipment. The event was supervised by Syed Aamir Mehmoob, Airport Manager, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Lahore. As per international standards set by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in case of fire or emergency fire fighter vehicles must reach the spot within 90 to 120 seconds but during exercise these vehicles arrived within 75 seconds. The performance of fire fighters was appreciated by different agencies, observers and umpires.

An officer of CAA while briefing the media said that fire fighter vehicles were equipped with latest technology which could throw water and foam to a distance of 235 feet. After extinguishing the fire, evacuation of simulated injured passengers was initiated. Passengers were rescued promptly from the aircraft by the CAA Fire Fighters and handed over to Medical Services to provide necessary first aid and were transported to the nearest hospital. The Punjab Emergency Services Rescue —1122, Pak Army, PAF, City Dist Govt Health Services, PIA, ambulances of various hospitals and Edhi Foundation also participated in the drill along with CAA Medical Seivices.

The entire exercise were observed by representatives of all Airlines, Ground Handling Agents, City Government, Airport Security Force (ASF), Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pak Army, Hospitals staffer of Mayo Hospital, Ganga Ram, Jinnah hospitals and HQ CAA. Syed Aamir Mehboob (Sitara-e-Imtiaz), General Manager Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority AlIama Iqbal international Airport Lahore who was the commander of the event appreciated the performance of all participants’, agencies and departments.

CAA officer talking to The Nation, said that International Civil Aviation is governed by the Convention on International Civil Aviation (commonly known as the Chicago Convention). Under this Convention, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAQ), a specialised agency of the United Nations, sets the minimum Standards and Recommended Practices for international civil aviation. Individual States remain responsible for regulating their aviation industries but have to take into account the requirements of the Convention and the minimum standards established by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation).

He said that the objective of the drill was to meet ICAO standards during any emergency.

He said that due to significant increase in the volume of air travel over the last decades has made it mandatory for aviation authorities to oversee safety standards in compliance with the Chicago Convention. He added that this exercise would maintain confidence in the system, and protect the interest of passengers and airlines.