Islamabad- Finance Minister Ishaq Dar today said the government does not want Sheikh Rashid to resign even after the dollar rate slides below Rs 98. Giving an overview of government's eight month performance in economic sector at a news conference in Islamabad‚ Dar said that this achievement would boost country’s economy. He added that the government worked for strengthening the economy.

“Sheikh Rasheed had claimed that the rupee value would never improve against the US dollar but with the blessings of Allah it has happened and we are trying to bring the exchange rate of the rupee further down against the US dollar in coming days,” Dar said. The minister said the present government has turned around the economy and all the economic indicators are showing positive results.

He said Inflation level remained 8.6 percent while GDP remained 4.4 percent during the first eight months of current fiscal year. The Finance Minister said that the tax collection witnessed a growth of 17.7 percent. He claimed that the government collected 1348 billion rupees in the first eight months as compared to 1145 billion rupees collected in the corresponding period last year. About the appreciation of Pakistani rupee‚ he said a stable currency will have salutary impact on the economy of the country and the prices of petroleum products are likely to come down as a result of the appreciation of the currency.