Lahore - Jamaat i Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has said that Prime Minister’s decision to include bureaucrats in the official committee for talks with the Taliban has created confusion and uncertainty.

According to a Press release issued here on Tuesday, he asked the Prime Minister to personally lead the official team which should include political figures, and not give its control to the bureaucracy. He said if the government did not change its attitude, the talks would not succeed.  Munawar said that the rulers seemed to be moving one step forward and two steps backward so far as the talks with the Taliban were concerned, and said this would do serious harm to the talks process.

He said that the govt functionaries who were used to looking up to the rulers on each and every issue, could not play satisfactory role in the success of the talks.

He said that the government should take full advantage of the ceasefire by the Taliban and decide the matter at the earliest. He said that the rulers sought Washington’s consent at every step whereas the US wanted to ensure that its interests won’t be hurt even after its withdrawal from the region. At the same time, he said that the Afghanistan’s grievance that Pakistan was interfering in their affairs, should also be redressed and the Afghans be allowed to decide their issue themselves.

He said if the government could successfully stop US and Indian interference in the country, peace would return.

The US, he said, wanted to retain upto 25,000 soldiers in the region which would also create problems here. Therefore, the government should not support any such US plan because as long as even if one US soldier is in the area, terrorism would continue, he said.

He said the elements pressing for military action did not want peace and were only interested in disruption to serve foreign agenda. 

Munawar said that the government’s failure to constitute its committee even after the passage of 11 days of the ceasefire announced by the Taliban had given rise to doubts and rumours.

He said that the PM and the Interior Minister should consider each and every aspect of the matter.

The JI chief said that the Kashmir issue was alive only because of the sacrifices of the Kashmiris ,otherwise, Pervez Musharraf and his successors had spared no effort in burying the issue.