News is generally a report of all the disasters that hit a country, and this the requirement of the news channels, but the recent news about the death of 41 children, due to acute malnutrition, in last two months was distressing! The Sindh government’s has shown deadly negligence in ensuring medical aid and provision of food in Thar. They could easily have avoided the deaths and the disaster. Our politicians are playing games again and politicizing the issue. We should learn from our mistakes.

In 2010 many parts of Sindh were hit by flood, as a result Measles, a viral disease, spread as an epidemic in the affected area. Vaccination on time could have saved many children, but Sindh government had refused to release 690 million for the procurement of Measles vaccines. This caused 460 children’s deaths in 2011. How many more deaths on our conscious do we want before we learn to act in time? Are the ruling elite removed from the woes of the poor and dying? The fact finding committee in an 80 pages report concluded that the delay in the provision of vaccines was the result of a rigid procedure of procurement, designed by bureaucracy.

The other very sad aspect of this story of misery is the sheer negligence on the parts of federal, provincial and district administrations, headed by bureaucrats. We all fervently hope that such sinister accident will not happen again causing deaths of children everywhere in Pakistan.


Kurram Agency, March 8.