LAHORE - Mr Isphanyar M Bhandara, MNA (PML-N) on Tuesday said, in a statement, that he was extremely dismayed on reading a news report published in a section of the press incriminating him on false grounds whereas the actual matter was a family issue.

The MNA said he had already made his position very clear on this family dispute through a press conference, newspapers and television releases. Mr Isphanyar M Bhandara rather feared that the actual culprit behind the entire episode whom he named as Rustom Sidhva might create such a scenario as physical assault on his (the MNA’s) family members and transfer the blame on him (the MNA).

Mr Isphanyar M Bhandara said: "This is a family dispute and since I am MNA, it is being given a political angle to malign and harm my reputation. I am rather happy that this family dispute which pertains to iconic business concern of Pakistan has come to the knowledge of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. This will at least apprise my great leader Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif of the actual position." He said: "Mr. Rustom Sidhva comes from a broken family who fled into Pakistan from India after abandoning his ailing and old parents. To the misfortune of Bhandara family, my late father showed compassion and provided him food, shelter and financial assistance.  “Mr. Rustom Sidhva is a habitual and confirmed fraudster and facing criminal charges in many police stations and courts of law in Karachi and Lahore,” he alleged. “Mr. Rustom Sidhva is also infamous in our entire respectable Parsi community.”

The MNA added: “Whatever Mr Rustom Sidhva seems to own today is doled out by my family as he himself does not do anything for a living and relies solely on his tricks and sweet tongue.

 In connivance with my sister and a house servant/Mali, Naseem Gul Khattak, Mr Rustom Sidhva has managed to keep my mother and my disabled brother away from me by creating my parental house as a jail by hiring security guards which prevent me from seeing my dear mother and the disabled brother.” “He has falsely created a scenario by trying to reflect me as a danger to my old mother and sister whereas it is totally untrue.

All his accomplices have managed to extort huge amounts of money in crores of rupees and now they have their eyes on company shares which they planned to sell,” alleged the MNA.

“The honorable courts of Rawalpindi and Lahore have so far upheld my contentions and prevented my mother from selling/transferring/gifting/alienating company shares which was the original design of Mr Rustom Sidhva. He has even managed to control presence of my mother in the Board of Directors meeting and the respected Board of Directors are well aware and see the situation as worrisome. Even my family elders were called from the USA to amicably resolve family issue and Mr. Rustom Sidhva managed to flee my mother to Lahore recently by not giving them a chance to resolve this family issue,” the MNA claimed.

The MNA said that he totally refuted the entire contention purported to be the statement of his mother.