Though the Punjab Health Department has been making tall claims to make the Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology (WIC) functional by the end of current fiscal year, it has failed to devise a plan for the recruitment of paramedics and other staff necessary to get started healthcare dispensation at the facility. It seems the health department would be unable to materialise its claims while the public would have to contend with the ‘jugglery of words’ only this time as well.

A source confided in this correspondent that the Punjab Health Secretary had set aside the plan for recruitment and appointment of technician, nurses and other paramedical staff in WIC, saying it was premature. “Neither recruitment committee could be constituted so far, nor any advertisement could be published to seek applications for theses posts,” the sources regretted, adding that as per the revised schedule, only three months were left behind to make the WIC functional. He pointed out that the Technician and Nurses generally appointed in Heart-diseases related hospitals were always expert and competent in handling related equipment and machinery because they had to prepare reports of different medical tests according to the advice and prescription of doctors. The sources informed that the recruited paramedical staff needed special training ahead of appointment to work independently. He asserted that the staff after appointment would have to send to the Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore (PIC) for imparting training and introduce them to different medical equipment and machines, adding that the recruitment and subsequent training was not short-time process and required due time.  “A general opinion is that delay in recruitment and appointment of paramedical staff may disturb the schedule set for making functional WIC while prompt recruitment may spoil all efforts in this regard,” he argued. The source revealed that currently only Medical Superintendent had been appointed in the WIC who supervise the construction work. He claimed that there was no security arrangement at WIC whereas work was underway in sections. It is to be noted that sometimes ago huge quantity of copper wire, worth millions of rupees was stolen from the WIC premises due to absence of security guards.

Socio, political and religious circles have expressed reservations over the situation and feared that the WIC opening might be delayed due to poor planning and indifference of the authorities. They demanded the Punjab Chief Minister to take notice of the widespread apathy on the part of the functionaries concerned and order measures to ensure WIC inauguration according to the schedule.