PESHAWAR  - Coordinator Taliban Peace Committee Maulana Yousuf Shah hoped Tuesday that peace talks would get success and there was no chance of military operation, urging the government to restore petrol and diesel supply to North Waziristan Agency immediately, otherwise, they would also join tribesmen in their protest in this regard. "I am sure peace talks will get success and military operation will not take place," optimistic Yousaf Shah said, adding the elements desiring military operation will be disappointed. "Talks will take place and will get success too" he said this while speaking at a news conference along with petrol pump owners from North Waziristan Agency.

It is regrettable that since February 25, the government has suspended petrol and diesel supply to North Waziristan. The supply must be immediately restored, otherwise, "we will be left with no option other than to join tribesmen in protest against the suspension of petrol and diesel supply.

Stoppage of petrol and diesel supply has badly affected routine life in North Waziristan. Prices have gone up there, while tribesmen were also ahead with food and water shortage. Besides, employees working on filling stations have also lost their jobs. This situation has also created unrest among tribal people, he explained. "We have taken issue of supply suspension up with interior minister and other top government officials but to no avail, despite the fact that they have assured that this matter would be resolved soon," he added. He feared that if the supply remains suspended in future it may cause trouble in smooth transportation of peace committee members to Waziristan.

Flanked by President Waziristan Petrol Pumps Association Raqeeb Gul, Vice President Khan Mohammad and General Secretary Atta Ullah, he said that local tribesmen have time and again brought it into the notice of the officials of political administration, but they did nothing.  "Petrol and diesel supply has been suspected on the order received from Islamabad then how can we go against it by restoring it," one government official told filling stations' owners during a meeting.

"Around 25,000 liters oil being supplied through 18 containers on daily basis to North Waziristan. Unfortunately, there has been no supply there in last two weeks and that's why one litter petrol is nowadays being sold at Rs200 in North Waziristan subsequently multiplying sufferings of tribesmen," Maulana Yousaf Shah deplored. From Afghanistan, petrol and diesel would easily be transported to Waziristan on cheap prices. "The cost of one litter Afghani diesel is Rs96 but we do not want to take this step as we are patriotic Pakistanis and want to benefit our own country," Raqeeb Gul concluded.