A private TV channel, broadcasting from London, aired a documentary about 250 or 350 Pakistanis politicians, bureaucrats and their associates who purchased houses in London, worth around three million pound each. Converted into Pak rupee this is a staggering amount! The list was prepared by the Investment Division of RBS Bank in London. The question is, has anyone from FBR taken notice of this? Was this money generated in Pakistan, and was any tax paid on it?

The common man has been pushed against the wall and has no time or energy to think about such incidents and our elite (member of the club) are all partners of the plunderers, so who will hold them accountable? Does anyone care what impression we are giving to the world? We ask them to invest in Pakistan when our own people take the money out of Pakistan and invest it abroad!

People remember Shahbaz Sharif, the present CM, publically assuring everyone that after winning the elections, he will bring back all the plundered wealth (ref: Asif Zardari Swiss bank case) to the national coffers and spend it on the countries betterment. But nothing has been done and how can the Sharif brothers do it, when their own investments are also abroad? Nothing has been done and the same corruption continues to hollow the country.

Unfortunately it is the practice of all civilian governments, regardless to which parties comes to power, that their leaders make money and take it out of the country. Then they have the audacity to ask foreign investors to invest in Pakistan! This is obviously not going to work much longer. We need to come out on the roads for this issue and ask empathically for them to bring back the money and return all the outstanding loans to IMF so that we and the future generations are free from this bondage.


Karachi, March 9.