Speakers paid rich tributes to Khurshid Hassan Khurshid, late Kashmiri leader and former president of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, at a function held to commemorate his 26th death anniversary for his services to the Kashmir cause.

The ceremony was hosted by Jammu & Kashmir Liberation League, which was founded by him, to pay rich tributes to the departed Kashmiri leader. The participants renewed the pledge to continue the mission of the departed leader to bring the Kashmir freedom movement to its logical end.

KH Khurshid, a close associate and personal secretary to father of nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Madar-e-Millat Mohterma Fatima Jinnah, had died in a road accident on March 11, 1988 while travelling by a public transport from Mirpur to Lahore.

The ceremony was chaired by Shahid Majeed Mallick, the district unit chief of the JKLL. Central president of the party and former chief justice of AJK High Court Abdul Majeed Mallick was the chief guest. The speakers included Mr Mallick, JKLL Vice President Ch Muhammad Suleman Advocate, PPP (Shaheed Bhutto) AJK Chapter President Ch Munir Hussain, Abdul Jabaar Butt, Kamran Tariq Advocate, Aseem Dutt Advocate, Muhammad Rafique Mughal, Humayoon Zaman Mirza and Ch Shoukat Advocate. They called for early settlement of Kashmir issue entirely in line with the aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir in the greater interest for emergence of peace in South Asia.

Majeed Mallick underlined that early peaceful solution to Kashmir problem was the key to permanent normalisation of relations between India and Pakistan besides everlasting peace in South Asia. The seasoned Kashmiri politician called upon both India and Pakistan to move for establishing consensus among the people of Jammu & Kashmir, dwelling in both the sides of the Line of Control. He demanded that countries should facilitate the people with free-movement, free cross-LoC trade and travel, and confidence building measures to reach the ultimate solution to the Kashmir conflict.

Justice (r) Mallick further said that since a strong and stable Pakistan is the guarantee to the freedom of Jammu & Kashmir, it was the urgent need of hour that the leadership of the country should lend all of their abilities and sincerity to get the Kashmir conflict resolved under the selfless spirit and strong commitment. He called for making easier the existing travel permit system to ensure smooth and swift cross-LoC movement of the people without any discrimination, and sanctions like the existing travel facility only confined to the divided-Kashmiri families between both sides.

He pointed out that it was crystal clear that stability and prosperity of Pakistan primarily depends upon the waters pouring in the soil from Indian-held Jammu & Kashmir where India was moving for the phased construction of more than 92 hydropower projects violating the global norms and pacts like Indus water treaty with ulterior motives to make Pakistan barren to weaken it economically.

Pakistan, he urged, should remain alert and vigilant of such hostile Indian tactics while moving forward for establishing trade ties with New Delhi.

The speakers declared that Jammu & Kashmir is an inalienable entity and no power on earth could resort to any harm to the entity. They said that the Kashmiris’ struggle to liberation from the Indian yoke was the struggle to achieve their internationally-acknowledged birth right to self-determination. They said that India shall accept the reality about Kashmir and have to move for resolving Kashmir problem in line with the aspirations and wishes of the people.

They demanded that the issue should be settled in line with international norms and commitments. They said that India could not win the hearts of Kashmiris. The speakers said that the best way to pay tributes to the departed Kashmiri leader was to continue his mission by following his footsteps for the achievement of the destination he set for the people through the liberation of the homeland from the illegal and forcible clutches of the Indian subjugation.

They said that it was the result of sacrifices of over 100,000 Kashmiri martyrs that Kashmir emerged as the flash point and the freedom-loving and civilized world community were pressing for the early settlement of Kashmir problem. The participants offered Fateha for the departed soul and other martyrs, and prayed for the early success of Kashmir freedom movement and for the solidarity, stability, prosperity and uplift of Pakistan.