Abu Dhabi- President Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has ordered urgent food and medical assistance to those affected by famine in Tharparkar district of Pakistan. In line with the directives of Shaikh Khalifa, the UAE Pakistan Assistance Program (UAE PAP) has mobilized 1,500 tonnes of basic food aid to be distributed among 20,000 needy families.

In a statement issued today, UAE PAP’s administration said that the guidance and generous initiative of Shaikh Khalifa came within the framework of his approach to provide humanitarian aid to the needy. It also highlights Shaikh Khalifa’s keenness to alleviate the impact of the humanitarian crisis faced by the Pakistani people in areas affected by drought.

UAE PAP added that the initiative of Shaikh Khalifa was considered to be the first global humanitarian initiative in response to the consequences of this crisis that threatened nearly 1.2 million inhabitants of the region, and had already caused the death of 67 children due to lack of food, poor healthcare and cold weather in Tharparkar district.