WAH CANTT - The first two months of the year 2014 witnessed 21 per cent rise in crime rate in Wah circle, according to official data.

During the aforementioned period, 290 crime cases were registered in which valuables worth Rs 2,573,000 were looted, while 239 crimes occurred during the first two months of previous year 2013.

Comparative statistics of the local police show that during the first two months of this year, the city witnessed increase in robbery and murder cases.

The poor performance of local police reveals that 59 cases of drugs recovery were registered as compared to 65 in previous year, 40 cases of arms recovery were registered as compared to 44 during the previous year while 62 cases of year 2013 and 112 cases of this year are still under investigation with police. 

Meanwhile, social and public circles have shown dissatisfaction over police performance, saying that the police seemed unwilling to track down criminals. They viewed that despite increasing incidents of robbery and thefts in the area, the local police registered first information reports (FIR) of only 30 per cent of the reported cases.